• The Short Story

    Our world is on the cusp of generational change and I plan to make the leap of innovation with it.

    Believing in a cause greater than yourself is a profound concept. Great causes inspire action, and action delivers results. I believe in creativity and big ideas, while helping others. This is what inspired me early on to pursue a degree in engineering. I soon realized though, that a technical background has to be balanced with business acumen. This realization motivated me to then pursue an MBA where I learned it isn't hard to move ideas into something actionable. In the reality between ideas and results are lessons learned and moments of triumph. Also forged along the way are lasting relationships that connect us throughout the world.


    I choose to align my experience in engineering and business development to create products and services that inspire people to dream big.

  • Experience

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    Business Development & Knowledge Manager

    Porsche Consulting was founded in 1994 in response to the successful restructuring of the Porsche sports car maker. Porsche had gained so much experience and knowledge from mastering a major crisis that it decided to make this expertise available to other companies. Four of its employees formed Porsche Consulting’s initial team. Their small office in Zuffenhausen became a worldwide consultancy—with sites in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Milan, Paris, São Paulo, Atlanta, Palo Alto, Beijing and Shanghai.
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    Sales Enablement Manager

    Promoted from Business Development Lead
    Collaborative leader on the Business Development Team who exceled at interfacing with stakeholders across verticals to effectively analyze, market and sell biodefense solutions. Partnered with the VP of Business Development and other senior leadership on proposals, external investments, go-to-market strategies, channel partner development and validation studies. Notable projects included Department of Defense, Delta Air Lines, Yulista, Koch Disruptive Technologies, USO, Army National Readiness Center, and UK National Health System.
    SigEp Logo

    Associate Director of Advancement

    Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) was established in 1901 at Richmond College, now the University of Richmond. Located in the capital of Virginia, SigEp is the nation's largest fraternity, with over 15,200 undergraduates on 230+ campuses.
    I joined the Foundation staff in 2014 as part of the fundraising team for SigEp's leadership events and scholarships. Responsible for fundraising in the Central and Eastern U.S. regions, which produced $2MM annually. Built organization strengthening relationships with stakeholders across the country. Supported all levels of giving from annual gifts to a capital campaign. Actively managed and coached a newly hired gift officer. Regularly collaborated with the Director of Advancement to implement strategic fundraising plans. Interfaced with the National Board and Trustees to execute fundraising strategies.
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    Application Engineer

    Suez Environment

    Treatment of the world's water supply is a vital aspect of a healthy and prosperous civilization. I worked with a team of experienced professionals who's sole focus was to help people enjoy a better way of life.
    Our goal comprised the execution of important BID proposals for some of the largest EPC companies in the world. Providing engineering support and training for our firm's employees helped us achieve this vision. Learning our customer's direct needs in regards to water treatment was enhanced through face to face interaction and discovery through on-site visits.
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    Suez Environment

    The execution of engineering contracts relies in large part on detailed technical drawings that help visualize a project's scope. As a young designer in the engineering department I helped deploy the company’s first smart piping and instrumentation design system known as AutoPLANT. Deployed in one year's time, I led the company to creating its first intelligent series of engineering drawings for a capital contract.
    The software required administration and maintenance of an internal database, which I was solely responsible for. The scope of this project also allowed me to aid in the direction of a contract employee for software changes relating to the organization of engineering data. The task of training other engineers in the firm resided as my responsibility as well.
  • Education

    VCU School of Business

    Masters in Business Administration

    Traveled the world, consulted with Fortune 500 companies, and learned to understand businesses in a new light. These are just a few experiences that pursuing an MBA at VCU allowed me. My engineering background married with an advanced business degree has had a profound impact on how I look at the world.


    My concentration is Global Business.

    VCU School of Engineering

    Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering

    With a strong technical background and the ability to think critically, my degree in Electrical Engineering taught me more than how to crunch numbers. I learned to not be intimidated by large, complex problems. I learned that time and resources can fix almost anything. I also learned that by solving the parts of a problem, you can always come to a full solution. 

  • References

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    Creative Director at PANTRY

    "When I was introduced to Lee, I had the opportunity to share a few of my business problems with him, and he immediately jumped in head first by fostering a much appreciated relationship between BuildRVA and HandsOnRVA. Lee is one of the most proactive business associates I've ever worked with. He was rooted in the Richmond community and knew how to lead and solve organizational problems effectively. I am very impressed with his ability to bridge businesses and groups together, and his passion for creating positive impact is contagious. I will always support Lee's activism and endeavors in the Richmond community."

  • Key Projects

    Projects that have shaped who I am today.

    Kourion, Cyprus

    Our team objective was to analyze a strategy proposed by Cyprus Community Media Center and generate recommendations for building a business model that could be sustained outside of an original United Nations grant while continuing to promote the social goals of the organization.

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    Graduate Capstone Project

    Conducted a three-year strategic plan for the Nintendo Company. Researched key aspects of the company's operations, culture, and financials as they related to the brand. We then summarized our findings into a list of dilemmas and opportunities. From there we identified creative strategies that fit a strong rational and forecast. We communicated our findings and recommendations in written and class presentation form.



    Ford Motor Company, Corporate

    Integrated Marketing Strategy 

    Developed and presented an integrated marketing plan for the Ford Motor Company relating to Human Rights & Sustainability. Proposed various strategies as to how Ford can beneficially and earnestly promote their commitment to the noble endeavor.

  • impact

    Causes I support.

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    Created by Carl Sagan in 1980 The Planetary Society empowers the world's citizens to advance space science and exploration. Their vision is to know the cosmos and our place within it.


    Each year I join fellow members on Capital Hill to meet with congressional staff to advocate for increased funding for NASA.

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    SigEp is redefining fraternity on college campuses across the country. They complement a man’s education by delivering a premier student experience in one of the most formative times of his life. Through SigEp, men strengthen their character, build leadership and interpersonal skills, and learn to develop healthy, lifelong relationships that are essential to a successful and fulfilling life.

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